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Haines Eason


No job is small. No need is unimportant. 

Whether you want a little help with your first social media campaign, are ready to set a full-blown strategy for your site or business, or just want me to proof some blog posts, I'm eager to learn about your needs and see you succeed.

I'm a former teacher. To me, learning and constant growth are the essence of life. Nothing would make me happier than learning about your goals and dreams and helping you achieve them. Think I sound nutty? Insincere? Ask anyone who knows me — I'm a servant leader who lives to see his network thrive. 

Don't think you can afford a communications professional? You'd be surprised. Furthermore, if you're with a nonprofit or not-for-profit, I offer some services pro bono and save a few hours a month for this work. 

Reach out. Let's talk.


//  Copywriting, copy editing, editing (all levels)

//  Content strategy: keyword research, clustering, content planning, etc.

​//  Blog and social media advising and management 

//  Communications: press releases, event coverage*, speechwriting, etc. 

//  Photo Shoots




All services are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and all work is considered against a client's financial reality. A sliding scale is always used to arrive at a cost estimate.

Other services besides those listed will be considered. For a quote please use the contact page


When proposing an assignment, please be as detailed as possible about scope of work, duration, and expected delivery timeframe.

Past clients have included 

a university president, researchers, graduate students, musicians, business professionals of all levels, and political candidates.

Client Testimonial

Haines is charming — one of those people capable of connecting instantly with diverse types of people. He represents our publication admirably in the community. 


Haines makes sound decisions, always striving to meet the highest level of journalistic standards and ethics. He is capable of making difficult editorial judgments when required. And, critical for any successful editor, Haines has developed positive relationships with our veteran contributors while also attracting fresh new talent.


As a writer, Haines contributes creative and substantive pieces with an impeccable attention to detail. Our readers enjoy his articles immensely. 


Haines is highly collaborative and has proven an invaluable asset to our core team, integrating seamlessly into our operation. Haines was the missing piece of our team's puzzle, proving a perfect fit culturally, personally and professionally. 


Working with Haines is a joy.


— Jill Farschman, founding partner, Denver Metro Media

* Live event coverage is limited to events within a two-hour drive of Lawrence, Kansas.

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