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The Freelance Kansas Statement of Ethics

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

What follows is the Freelance Kansas statement of ethics. Freelance Kansas is owned by Haines Eason who, among other things, is a former educator and journalist.

Haines Eason’s career has been defined by the belief that objective facts are the soundest foundation. While true objectivity is extremely hard to maintain, clear communication is essential and should, at the very least, strive to clear up any confusion at the outset. The best entities believe in making their principles and intentions known.


Freelance Kansas strives to live by the following:

1. There will be a clear distinction between editorial and advertising

Maintaining a transparent boundary between editorial content and advertising is paramount. Every reader deserves to know the nature of the content they are consuming, whether it’s an unbiased article or a client-specific advertorial. Freelance Kansas will not produce advertising that is not properly labeled or contextualized as such in its final form.

2. All pitches are authentic and their intentions will be clear

Every article or proposal Freelance Kansas puts forward will be genuine and will stem from Haines Eason’s own personal inspiration and perspectives. In the event a pitch is the product of a collaboration between Freelance Kansas and a client, that fact will be clear to the recipient. Freelance Kansas will never mask client-driven content as independent journalism. Authenticity and honesty are central to all endeavors.

3. Professional standards underscore everything

As a member of both the Kansas Press Association and the Indigenous Journalists Association, Haines Eason commits to upholding the highest journalistic standards. His alignment with the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics further underscores this dedication.

4. Absolute transparency with regard to advertorial

When producing advertorials for clients, Freelance Kansas only collaborates with publications that clearly label such content. If a publication either does not have its own statement of ethics or is ambiguous about whether or not it will label advertorial as such, Freelance Kansas will not work with the publication.

5. Feedback is not only encouraged, it is sought after

Feedback, both laudatory and constructive, is invaluable. Freelance Kansas and Haines Eason actively seek insights from clients, readers, and peers. It is a core belief here that feedback drives continuous improvement and excellence in one’s work.

6. Continuous learning is in the DNA

The dynamic world of content marketing requires adaptability and constant growth. Freelance Kansas / Haines Eason is a lifelong learner who obsessively strives to remain abreast of industry developments and feedback to ensure what is produced is both timely and timeless.

7. Language is sacred

With a background as an English teacher, creative writer, journalist, institutional communicator, etc., Haines Eason’s respect for the power and nuance of language runs deep. Every piece produced at Freelance Kansas reflects this respect, ensuring clarity, precision, and impact.

8. Diverse voices will always be championed

Freelance Kansas’ / Haines Eason’s alliance with the Indigenous Journalists Association is a small way of signifying a commitment to respecting and amplifying diverse perspectives. Every voice deserves a platform, and Freelance Kansas strives to encourage and contribute to a rich, multifaceted media landscape.


In conclusion, the ethics guiding Freelance Kansas are rooted in transparency, integrity, and a profound respect for the craft of storytelling. Whether you're a client, a reader, or a fellow professional, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to these principles.

Warm regards,

Haines Eason

Freelance Kansas.


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