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A pixelated, black-and-white photo of me and my wife laughing and kissing. We are at a bar in NYC.
A portrait of my two-year-old son Oliver and me. We are smiliing at the camera.
A pixelated, blurry photo of me and my wife laughing and kissing. There are yellow and blue streetlights behind us. It is night.

Haines Eason


As a leader of writers, an editor,


a copywriter, journalist, writer of poetry, and critic, I've written for large institutions and companies, as well as monthly, weekly, daily, and literary publications. I'm currently on a deep dive into SEO and have written on a wide array of topics: marijuana policy, city planning and zoning, water rights, governmental gridlock, food policy and nonprofits' activities...

As a poet,


I've published in journals well-known and just-launched. Over seventy of my poems have appeared in top national publications, including Boston Review, PleiadesBat City ReviewYale Review, New England Review and other amazing places. 

A blurry, yellow-and-brown hued close-up photo of long grasses at sunset.



Sole Proprietor of Boutique Content marketing, Social media, and photo / video agency Freelance kansas.

The Future:

On the road, living light, with my two boys and my partner Joni Lee

"I believe in continual growth. I was a teacher and counselor, I've worked every job on a construction site and numerous jobs besides... I keep coming back to writing, communications, marketing, journalism, photo and video however. Now it is finally time to go out on my own. On the horizon I see myself spending the rest of my career serving the passions of organizations I believe in as an independent media maker."

What informs my poetry:


The landscape of the American West, the idea of exile, and a yearning to mesh identity with ever-shifting loci and culture. I've been a wanderer all my life. I'd write the photos of Ansel Adams crossed with Robert Frank, if I could.

What inspires my prose:

Unpopular views (I love a good fight), a feeling that the powers that be (of any party) don't necessarily have our best interests in mind, out-of-the-way people trying to build community in out-of-the-way places, and citizens rising to action (after a healthy debate, of course). 

"I love an underdog. I am always searching for the trammeled narrative and am a believer in myth and mystery." 

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