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writer of poetry and critic, I've written for monthlies, weeklies, dailies and literary journals. I've covered marijuana policy, city planning and zoning, water rights, governmental gridlock, food policy and nonprofits' activities and much, much more. 




I've published in journals well known and just launched. Over seventy of my poems have appeared in top national publications, including Boston Review, PleiadesBat City ReviewYale Review, New England Review and other amazing places. 


The landscape of the American West, the idea of exile and a yearning to mesh identity with ever-shifting loci and culture. I've been a wanderer all my life. I'd write the photos of Ansel Adams crossed with Robert Frank, if I could.




Unpopular views (I love a good fight), a feeling that the powers that be (of any party) don't necessarily have our best interests in mind, out-of-the-way people trying to build community in out-of-the-way places and citizens rising to action (after a healthy debate, of course). 



Father. Husband. Communicator for the University of Kansas. Former newspaper owner/editor. Former school counselor, former teacher. MFA in creative writing from Washington University in St. Louis. BA in literature and creative writing from the University of Montana. Originally from Jefferson's Charlottesville, well traveled and married to the amazing Joni Lee


Previous tangents: Americorps*Vista with Habitat for Humanity, donor researcher with CARE USA, bartender, football player, construction worker, college lecturer and Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco.

What inspires my prose:

What informs my poetry:

As a poet, 

As a journalist, 

The long-way-'round summary:

"I love an underdog. I am always searching for the trammeled narrative and I am a believer in myth and mystery." 



Communications Professional at the University of Kansas 

The Future:


Father, husband.

On-the-road-living-life-with-my-partner-Joni World Traveler

"I believe in continual growth. I was a teacher and counselor, I've worked every job on a construction site and numerous jobs besides... I keep coming back to writing, communications and  journalism, however, and on the horizon I see myself 

deepening my skill in photography and graphic design."