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Your budgetary reality is the first consideration. 

I use a sliding scale to determine my cost for any potential engagement, and I take into account nonprofit status, volume of work, duration, and more. 


As I've noted, I'm a former teacher. I insist that growth — yours as much as mine — is life. I not only want you satisfied, I want your business to see real, sustained benefit from my contributions. And, when a job is done, it's done. You won't experience me trying to upsell or extend unless we both feel there are more opportunities on which to capitalize.



Referral Bonus Program

Know someone who could use affordable, honest marketing support from a fellow business owner? If you refer them and they sign a contract for services, you get 5% of the total contract value paid to you up front, in cash. It's that simple! 


I take recommendations seriously and am willing to put real money on the table to make that clear.



// Copywriting, editing (all levels). 


  • $75 per hour with a 20 percent discount for eight hours and over. 

  • 1,000-word articles, blog posts, etc. usually take me four or fewer hours to complete. An interview and research can add at least one to two hours.

Editing, web copy

  • $75 per 1,000 words: copy editing to light structural editing.

  • $100 per 1,000 words: SEO editing, structural revision, etc.

Editing, large projects (books, dissertations, white papers, etc.)

  • $100 per hour with a 20 percent discount for eight hours and over.


// Photo and video shoots: events, portrait sessions, weddings. 


  • $150 per hour for all photo shoots besides weddings. Wedding packages forthcoming. 20 percent discount for projects eight hours and over.

  • All shoots include at no charge a culling of photos for optimal shot selection and light levelling.

  • All customers receive all photos shot during a session and have the option to also have their shoot include raw image file duplicates of every shot at no extra cost.

  • All customers have the choice to add photo editing at a $100 per hour rate. I always set aside a folder of suggested photos for edit. 


  • $200 per hour with a 20 percent discount for projects eight hours and over.

  • Post production work is billed at a $100-per-hour rate and is only done after a client meeting to determine the client's exact desires. Customers should expect 30 to 60 minutes of editing per minute of raw footage.

  • Video projects incur a $50-per-hour charge for travel, setup, and breakdown.


// Content strategy:

content and campaign planning

keyword research and clustering

analytics / data work

email list maintenance, etc. 

  • $100 per hour. Includes a free, one-hour consultation. 

  • I can expand on your ideas, edit an existing plan, come up with a plan from scratch, etc. 

  • Note that meetings beyond initial consultations are billed at this rate. E.g. ongoing planning meetings, check-ins, etc.



// Communications writing: newsletters, email campaigns, press releases, event coverage, speechwriting, etc. 

  • $75 per hour, with a 20 percent discount for eight hours and over. 

  • The same time-to-complete information for copywriting pertains here. 



// Social media management 


  • $200 per account per month. Includes business hours audience engagement and up to three posts per account per week. (Rate is for entities with a strategy in place who need minimal creative support.) ​

  • Creative support and account data / strategy work available price negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

Note: Aside from video work, there is no charge for travel up to 50 miles from Lawrence, Kansas. Travel beyond 50 miles incurs travel fees that are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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