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A picture of a wheat field in Kansas under a partly cloudy, very sunny and blue sky.

The FLK blog

A mixed bag of assorted past work examples that are no longer live on their original sites and musings on journalism, communications, content marketing, social media, and more.


An icon -- a white square with the words Freelance Kansas inside.

Featured posts

In truth a "get to know me" section, these are also currently my most popular posts...

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Selection of external clips

 From The Guardian  

A picture from above of three suburban houses. The one in the middle features solar panels.

Selected Client blogs


 Academy of American Poets website  

A black-and-white portrait of poet Marvin Bell. He is bearded and smiling.


 From Boston Review  


Tracer, Richard Greenfield, Omnidawn Publishing, $15.95 (paper)

 Rain Taxi  


A Gathering of Matter, a Matter of Gathering, Dawn Lundy Martin,

University of Georgia Press, $16.95 (paper)


Fort Red Border, Kiki Petrosino, Sarabande Books, $14.95 (paper)

Journalism and communications

A collection of past published work no longer available in the wild. Includes institutional communications work from KU and news articles written while editor and co-owner of Denver Metro Media. 

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