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Poetry which has been described as geological, 

which is elegiac, symbolic and which seeks to effect a communing with nature. Having served as an editor of several journals, the poetry is wide in its samplings and influences. 

Author of A History of Waves

a chapbook of linked sonnets published by the Poetry Society of Amercia in 2009. A full-length manuscript is complete and is out for consideration. 

awarded in 2010 by Cream City Review for five poems. Prize judged by poet Kathy Fagan. 

publication by Verse Daily, a PBS Newshour video feature and more. 

"There is no ... note of Platonist resignation anywhere in Eason's work; this is rough and tumble, continually transforming questing, both bitter and tender, shot through with hope."

Mark Doty, introduction to A History of Waves

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"Reading Haines Eason's poems, I felt instantly I was in the presence of wildness and craft."

Kathy Fagan, Cream City Review

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Eye of the Horse


                                    To the fence

            Comes a mass—muscle.


                    Evening falling red

                    Unto purple fields,

                    Of black trees, from blue roads.


            Symbol of your own death,

            Walk together in your parts :


                        Veil of flies over

                           Bloodless withers—

                  Slave of kings and broken men.


                 For some other’s sake,

                  To make a new self of


            The self. In orange burning out,

                           A contrail, a comet.

                     In the blue become black,


                  A train glides on wheat.


            How am I you, and you, me?

            In the paddock of the moon,


                 In his glowing house,


                        Your owner loads his rifle.


            I gave you oats from my pocket,

            You gave me a door in the field.


VIDEO // Poem


Paper Kisses, Paper Moon

Aired: 04/04/11, PBS NewsHour



Six from 


A History of Waves

"How Shall they Hear the Word of God?" "In the Brush Arbor, Pinning Leaves" and "Word for Word" - Haines Eason
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“This Town Will Throw Itself at Anyone,” “Crickets in an Airtight Jar,” and “Musee Mecanique” - Haines Eason
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Aired: 05-06/2010, Indiana Public Media

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